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Heroes season finale

Working backwards (for the mostpart), but this will be completely random:

Yay Nathan for saving New York. But...but...but...please don't be dead. As you can probably tell from my last story, he's kinda grown on me. Good for him for stepping up and not listening to his mom.

I really hope we learn her story next season. What is her power? Why did she want New York destroyed so much? Why did she have to be such a bitch? Peter certainly isn't going to have much respect for her anymore.

I'm hoping that Nathan let go of Peter before he actually exploded and was able to get far enough away from him to not be killed. Why couldn't Peter just fly himself away? Did he not have enough control to get himself a safe distance away while the nuclear power was overwhelming him? They both have to be back next season. They just have to be. *whines*

I was very excited to see Charles Devareaux again. You kinda knew he'd have to be back for the finale. Why introduce him in the first episode otherwise? Could have done without Simone though.

There were some great Paire moments tonight. The looks in the car, both of them insisting they needed the other with them to save the world, etc.

Mr. Bennet has a first name!!! It's Noah. (Wonder how Noah Noah Gray-Cabey - who plays Micah - feels about that.) And even he wanted Peter and Claire to be together.

Since the Bennets can live anywhere, they can all relocate to New York so that Claire can be with Peter and Nathan and get to know them better. A lot better in Peter's case. *wink*

How cute is Molly? Matt's her hero. Aww. I liked how Bennet changed his tune as soon as he needed Molly to find Peter and Sylar for him. Who is she so afraid of though?

What's gonna happen to her now though? Is she going to stay with Mohinder since his blood is keeping her healthy? Is she going to go off with the other family on the show and live with Niki, DL & Micah. I don't like that option because then Micah and Molly can't hook up when they're old enough to do so. (They'll make such a cute couple.)

Yay to Hiro for saving Ando from Sylar! And he took him back to Japan where he's safe. Then went after Sylar. And he stabbed him. Too bad it looks like that didn't kill him. But it looks like Hiro's gonna get to meet Kensai next season. Hee!

Oh, and Niki getting control and realizing that she really does have the power, not Jessica. And she got to beat Candice down. Loved her hitting Sylar with the parking meter. And Peter being able to take her power.

I'm probably forgetting something, but that's what the Edit button is for.

Will Claire and Peter find out they're not related...?

Hayden: I keep getting these questions, Tim. Someone keeps asking when Peter and Claire are going to get together.

Tim: I will just say this. I want all those fans out there who want this to happen to keep one thing in mind. Claire is 17 years old and Peter is somewhere... let's say in his mid 20s, maybe late 20s. .And so I want everyone to bare that in mind and think about that.

Hayden: You're crushing peoples' dreams.

Tim: But Claire may be 18. Who knows? Maybe we'll find out that when she was handed over by Hiro's father that she was older.

Hayden: What's creepier? The fact that he's mid 20s and I'm 17, or that he's my uncle?

Tim: Both.

Hayden: We'll have to do some crazy dream sequence.

Tim: That's right. Maybe there's a dream sequence.

So does that mean that we can hope for some Paire loving once she turns 18? Is that his main hold up?
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