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Heroes Reaction: Landslide

I haven't done many "reaction" posts, but this is the second to the last episode of the season and I can't contain myself.

In no particular order...

I kept waiting for Claire to remember that she had stopped Ted with a tranquilizer. She doesn't have to shoot Peter. At least he got himself under control quickly so it wasn't an issue. At least HRG seemed to remember how they stopped Ted. I'm hoping that Claire was just caught up in the moment and wasn't thinking clearly because of the lust she has for her uncle. (Don't look at me like that. You all know where my shipping lies.)

Sylar was wonderfully evil tonight. He was skulking around listening to the others at Kirby Plaza. He set Ted up to be kidnapped. (Big yay for the return of Audrey!) Then had the gall to say he was Isaac Mendez. And to top it all off, he stopped the FBI van carrying Ted and killed him.

Oh, how much did I love Peter picking up Sylar's stolen good-hearing power while walking down the street? That was so cool! Wonder what other new powers he suddenly has from being in proximity to Sylar. Guess at the very least he can melt stuff like Zane, learn really fast like Charlie, etc.

I was totally oblivious and it didn't occur to me what Linderman wanted Micah for until they were explaining it to him. I feel like an idiot for not figuring that out sooner. It was a total 'duh' moment on my part.

I can't wait for Micah and Molly to meet. Finally another kid with powers! I'd love to see some future fic with those two paired together.

Molly was too cute saying that Matt was her other hero.

Matt better come to in time to save her from HRG. He really should be able to stop himself though. Better to convince her to leave with them and protect her. He should be able to see his Claire in this scared special girl.

I had hoped that Niki would take back control some time during this episode. Good for her for standing up for her family.

But Linderman shot DL! And DL killed Linderman! Gah! Wonder what the repercussions of that are going to be.

Loved that Linderman healed Heidi first though. A sign of good faith, or whatever. Who cares when she can walk again?

Hiro and his father were great together. Good for Mr. Nakamura to teach his son how to fight.

Although I'm guessing that either Hiro is going to have to kill Ando or himself, based on the story with the dragon his dad told him as a child. We all know that wasn't told by coincidence.

What am I forgetting?

Not as many Paire moments as last week, but I still got to squee over them leaving town together. That's sure to spark some new fic. (Probably not from me though. Got too many requests for a sequel to the bondage fic I posted earlier today.)

I can't wait for next week's episode!!!! Then I'm going to hate that the season's over.

I'm off to bed now, so I'll respond to any comments tomorrow.
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