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1 Week Reminder

Nominations close at the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards one week from today! There are still several categories that are desperate for nominations:

Best Beta – 1 nominee
Best Crossover (Book) – 1 nominee
Best Crossover (Book) Pairing – 1 nominee
Best Crossover (Movie) – 2 nominees
Best Crossover (Movie) Pairing – 2 nominees
Best Crossover (TV) – 3 nominees
Best Crossover (TV) Pairing – 3 nominees
Best Episode Re-write – 1 nominee
Best Fanfic Website – 3 nominees
Best Original Character – 1 nominee
Best Original Character Pairing – 1 nominee
Best Pairing (Conventional) – 2 nominees
Best Post-Series Finale Fic – 3 nominees
Best Song Fic – 2 nominees

If you have a few minutes, please read the rules, double check to see who's already nominated, and then go nominate your favorite authors, betas, fics and sites.

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