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Pissed off

I was looking through the graphics posts done at paire_love yesterday and saw that someone used the manip I'm currently using in my header in a banner. WITHOUT ASKING ME!

Yes, I showed the manip off at paire_love in this post when I finished it because I was very proud of how it turned out. Does it sound like I'm giving permission to re-use it? Not to me.

Who does that anyway? I would NEVER use another person's manip without asking them first. Even if they made it available in a post, I'd still ask if I could use it in a banner.

On her journal I left this comment: It's generally polite to ask before using another person's work. I have not given permission for this manip to be re-used. Please remove the banner with my manip from distribution.

I left a similar comment on their paire_love post, just without the first sentence.

I hate to be a bitch, but I also don't appreciate stumbling across my work being used by someone else who didn't ask permission. I get that it means that she liked it, but it's still wrong.

ETA: She just removed her image from the posts and apologized.
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