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Willowy Goodness Awards Winners!

Greetings Willow Writers,

The winners for the 2007 Willowy Goodness Awards have been posted. You can view the winners list at: http://wga.hairy-eyeball.com/2007winners.html

Winners can pick up there award plaques at: http://wga.hairy-eyeball.com/2007awards.html

Congrats to the winners on my flist: velvetwhip, kallie_kat, emnorth, purplefeen, rua1412, oreadno1, rileysaplank, whiskyinmind, jennillu, heathervamped, khindin, lilbreck, and claudia6913

I did quite well myself.
ETA: I took home awards for the Big Gun Award (Runner Up), Best Overall Willow Author, Best Willow Crossover Author, Best Willow/Giles Author, Best Willow/Other Male Author, Broken Silence (Best Willow/Giles Fic), Morning After Surprise (Best Willow/Giles Fic Runner Up & Best PWP Runner Up), Magic in Numbers (Best Willow Crossover), and Tarnished Armor (Best Willow/Other Male Fic).
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