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Why did I only give myself 5 days before announcing winners at the SunnyD Awards? When I went to check the dates at the site to see how I was doing on time I discovered that I said winners were to be announded on February 11th. Obviously, they're gonna be late. I just finished tallying all of the votes today. Still need to make templates and do the new layout.

And before anyone offers to help, thank you, but I'll be fine. I have a system for making the awards once I get the template set up and it should go pretty quickly. The next round is a character I already have tons of photos of, so I just need to choose the ones I want to use and crop them, then pick a new (similar - because I'm not going to change the homepage header) color scheme. I'm a control freak and don't delegate well.

This means that I will probably be in hiding this week. Half the reason I got little done last week was that I was reading and/or chatting when I got home from work/Curves. Work was insanely busy last week due to Andrea leaving and then getting our accounts for next week's job fair dropped on our desks on Thursday. We didn't even have a whole week to get used to the additional work before even more was handed out. And this time there were only two of us to split the job fair accounts. Good thing it's the smallest one we've had in a long time.

But this means that I'll be really busy at work all week, so I can't read during the day. Plus, I'll be out of the office all day working at the job fair on Tuesday. So reading will have to be done at night, after working on SunnyD. I'll most likely fall behind, so you've been warned. I probably will do even less commenting on LJs than normal, too.

I will be posting a couple of fics though. My story for the No Pressure Giles Ficathon is "due" on Wednesday, but it's finished. I then plagerized it and turned it into a Paire fic, which will also be posted this week around Valentine's Day.
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