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I have a theory...

Cue music. Wait, wrong fandom.

I have a theory about the explosion that's been predicted on Heroes.

You know that vision that Peter has at the end of Fallout? (Skip ahead to about 3 minutes in.)

Take a look at his wrist when he first goes into the vision. I'm pretty sure that he's wearing a Sylar watch. And he's wearing a black coat instead of his usual tan one. I think that he's Sylar in this vision. Or he's with Sylar at the very least. Some people seem to be reacting to him as if they know him and some as if he could be Sylar.

Am I the last person to have come to this conclusion?

And just because I am totally in love with this vid, here is one of my favorite Peter/Claire fanvids that I've found. The fact that the song keeps getting stuck in my head probably helps with that. The song is "Come and Follow Me" and I really need to find somewhere to download it.

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