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I ask you...

It's been pointed out to me that I'm being too noble by taking myself out of the running at the Willowy Goodness Awards, especially since I mainly write Willow. I've already had one person try, and another offer, to nominate me. So I ask you, am I being a martyr by not allowing my fics to be nominated? Especially since one can't nominate or vote for onesself at the site.

Poll #901899 Elegibility

Should I be able to be nominated at the award sites I run?

Of course! Writing and Webmistressing are totally different.
Well, since you can't nominate or vote for yourself at the sites your run, it's not like you can skew the votes.
No! You wouldn't want people to play favorites because it's your site.
Other. My thoughts are in comments.

Depending on your answers, I might let myself be nominated at the SunnyD Awards next round, too.
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