March 9th, 2017

Legends of Tomorrow: Sara - Living in Re

Fic: Uncharted Territory 1/1 (Rip Hunter/Gideon) G

Title: Uncharted Territory
Fandom: DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Rating: G
Pairings/Characters: Rip Hunter/Gideon, mentions Rip Hunter/Miranda Hunter, Rip Hunter/Jonah Hex
Summary: Rip doesn't know what to do with his newly realized feelings.
Timeline: Post episode for 2x13 Land of the Lost
Word Count: 790
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership over these characters. I am merely borrowing them from Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg and Phil Klemmer.
Betas: Thank you to shanachie_quill for looking this over for me.

It wasn't right, these thoughts and feelings he was having. On so many different levels.

It was far too soon after Miranda and Jonas's murders for him to be developing...feelings...for someone else. Never mind the fact that the new object of his affections was his ship's AI.

Time Masters weren't supposed to have feelings for anyone. Was he defective for having fallen first for Miranda and then Jonah, and now for Gideon? Or did his ability and desire to love make him better than his former bosses?

He had loved Miranda deeply. He had been willing to give up his lifelong dream of being a Time Master for her; if only she hadn't beaten him to it.

If only Miranda had known that he would become much closer to someone else during the time that he was away from her.

Gideon was his constant companion. Other people may have joined him on board the ship, but Gideon was his constant.
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