October 3rd, 2016

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Who's a Birthday Girl?

Another birthday is here. My last one in my 30s. I've never minded getting older. (So many of my friends are older than me that I'm still always going to be playing catch-up.)

I was a good girl and saved up the packages that I've been receiving to open today. I'm not sure if all of them are from my parents since they came from 4 different sites (and are all from my Amazon wish list). When I called my dad to thank him for the presents he said, "You're welcome. What did you get?" My step-mom did all the shopping, but she wasn't home when I called.

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Also, thank you to angelskuuipo for my Leverage story.

ETA: Just talked to my step-mom and the earrings were not from them. snogged, are these from you?