May 5th, 2016

Legends of Tomorrow: Sara/Snart - Quiet

Fic: Lost and Found 1/1 (Sara Lance/Leonard Sart) G

Title: Lost and Found
Fandom: DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Rating: General Audience
Pairings/Characters: Sara Lance/Leonard Snart
Summary: Pre-Series AU. Sara's dad takes her to Central City for a police symposium and she meets a handsome stranger when she gets lost.
Timeline: AU. Pre-Series.
Word Count: ~2,040
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership over these characters. I am merely borrowing them from DC Comics, Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg and Phil Klemmer.
Betas: Thank you to angelskuuipo and shanachie_quill for looking this over for me.
Author's Note: Anonymous Prompt: so I have a captain canary thing. so like it takes place when they are younger, and sara's dad takes her with him to this police thing in central city, and sara gets lost and it starts snowing and leonard helps her, or something?? p.s. love your work<3

One of the things that sucked about being born on Christmas Day was that Sara hardly ever got just birthday presents. It was always a combined birthday and Christmas present. Birthday cakes at Christmas dinner. And she hardly ever got to have a real birthday party because the other kids always had to do their own family Christmas things.

For her eighteenth birthday, it was both better and worse. Still no party, and her presents were mostly combined, but her dad was taking her to Central City for a couple of days, just the two of them.

Well, the two of them and a bunch of other cops. Technically, he had to go for a work symposium thing. She wasn't sure about the details. All she knew was that he was taking her with him. She was even going to have her own (adjoining) room.

"It'll be great," her dad had said. "My buddy, Joe's, kids are about your age. You can spend the days with them, and hang with your old man in the evening."

Sara figured that she could lose Detective West's kids and explore the city on her own. She was eighteen now, after all. It's not like she needed a chaperone.
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