May 3rd, 2016

Legends of Tomorrow: Sara/Snart - Bar

Fic: Beauty From Pain 1/1 (Rogue Canary) G

Title: Beauty From Pain
Fandom: DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Rating: General Audience
Pairings/Characters: Sara Lance/Leonard Snart/Mick Rory
Summary: While tracing her lovers' scars, Sara is inspired to make something beautiful.
Timeline: Nothing specific.
Word Count: 1,210
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership over these characters. I am merely borrowing them from DC Comics, Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg and Phil Klemmer.
Betas: Thank you to angelskuuipo and shanachie_quill for looking this over for me.
Author's Note: This was loosely inspired by freyreh's story.

It had been a while since Sara had wanted to draw anything, but while lying in bed with her lovers, tracing their scars with her fingertips, she had the sudden urge to find tracing paper and crayons.

"Where are you going?" Leonard mumbled as Sara vacated her spot between him and Mick in Leonard's bed.

"I need Gideon to fabricate some stuff for me," she said, quietly, not wanting to disturb Mick. Not that their talking would wake the big man. He could sleep through pretty much anything.

"At two o'clock in the morning?" Leonard pressed.

"Yes, before I forget," Sara insisted. "Go back to sleep."

She grabbed the nearest shirt could find - Mick's - and found her own pants and quietly proceeded to the fabrication room.

"Gideon," she whispered, even though there was no one to disturb. The late hour lent itself to whispering, though.

"Yes, Ms. Lance?" the AI responded, the regular volume seeming too loud in the quiet ship.

"Can you make me some tracing paper and crayons? I'll need the standard box - reds, blues, yellows, purples, white, and black, at the very least," Sara requested.

"Of course, Ms. Lance," Gideon responded and proceeded to fabricate the requested items.

Feeling giddy like a schoolgirl, Sara practically skipped back to Leonard's bedroom.
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