April 11th, 2016

Legends of Tomorrow: Sara/Snart - Quiet

Fic: The End Justifies the Means 1/1 (Sara Lance/Leonard Snart) Teen

Title: The End Justifies the Means
Fandom: DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Rating: Teen
Pairings/Characters: Sara Lance/Leonard Snart
Summary: Prompt from drawinghobov12: Leonard gets captured and Sara has to rescue him.
Timeline: Nothing specific.
Word Count: 2,658
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership over these characters. I am merely borrowing them from Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg and Phil Klemmer.
Betas: Thank you to angelskuuipo and shanachie_quill for looking this over for me.

Leonard groaned as he slowly returned to consciousness, the pounding in his head making him want to sink back down into oblivion. He tried to lift a hand to his head and discovered that he couldn't.

There was a sound of metal grating against metal at the movement of his hands that was frustratingly familiar.

With a grunt, he forced his eyes open, squinting against the bright light. It took his eyes a minute to focus enough to confirm what he had been beginning to dread.

He was lying on a concrete floor, head pillowed on his arm, in a barren room, hands cuffed around a pole that was maybe eight inches in diameter. His cold gun was nowhere to be seen and he couldn't feel his goggles around his neck.

And he was alone.

He hoped that meant his foggy memory wasn't playing tricks on him and that Sara and Kendra had really gotten away, and weren't locked up in another room.

Leonard struggled to sit up, his head protesting every movement, but by leaning against the pole, he eventually succeeded. He managed to get his head next to his hands and confirm that his comm was gone, too.

"I guess now we wait," he said aloud.
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