March 18th, 2016

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Catching Up

It's been a busy week offline.

Last night I saw Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre with singinglark, her daughter, and my co-worker CW. It was fantastic. Very powerful pieces.

And of course I was in FL visiting my family. I had a lovely time staying with my cousins Saturday and Sunday. Well, the driver from the Peruvian restaurant we ordered dinner from couldn't find the house, ignoring the directions my cousin's wife texted him. We got our food 2 hours after we ordered it, and it wasn't even that good. She also introduced me to the show Younger. It was pretty funny. Watch the S1 trailer; the show is in it's second season, I think.

On Sunday we went to Butterfly World. One landed on my aunt. The baby in the photo is my baby cousin. Collapse )

My mom picked me up on Monday and we went to visit her parents' graves. Then we went to see my step-grandma. She was tired, so we only stayed an hour, but it was good to visit with her. She says she's ready, even though she's not sick, she's 95. Her body doesn't work the way she wants it too. It's a bit of a curse having an intact mind and a body that doesn't let you engage it.

Work wasn't too crazy when I got back. It had been pretty slow while I was gone so it only took me one day to catch up.

Now I need to spend my weekend working on the last chapter of my LoT 5 Times fic and also watching the new season of Daredevil.

ETA: Also, I might need this Deadpool shirt.