January 29th, 2012

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Willowy Goodness Awards close in 2 days!

Nominations for the Willowy Goodness Awards close on January 31st and there are several categories that are low on nominations.

We could still use more nominees in the following categories:
Best Willow/Buffy Author // Best Willow/Buffy Fic
Best Willow/Faith Author // Best Willow/Faith Fic
Best Willow/Giles Author // Best Willow/Giles Fic
Best Willow/Oz Author // Best Willow/Oz Fic
Best Willow/Tara Author // Best Willow/Tara Fic
Best Willow/Other Female Author // Best Willow/Other Female Fic
Best Multiple Partner Author // Best Multiple Partner Fic
Best Crossover Author // Best Crossover Fic
Best Comedy
Best PWP
Best Vamp Willow Characterization

Don't forget that the stories nominated MUST have been written/updated in 2011.