November 8th, 2009

Arrow: Felicity - I can do this


I feel like I should go out, but just don't want to. I didn't leave the apartment yesterday and it's sunny again today, so I should go out. Right? But I don't really wanna. I still have TV shows to catch up on and a beta to do. If I went out, I'd just be going to Walmart, they have the camera I want in stock. And maybe I'd try to go to see a movie. But if I stay in, maybe I'll finally make the recipe I've been wanting to make but keep telling myself I don't have time for.

I think I'm feeling a bit off because I woke up around 7am this morning when work thoughts interrupted my dreams. I spent the next hour tossing and turning trying to convince myself that I couldn't do anything about this thought at 7am on a Sunday. Eventually I did fall back asleep and then had to drag myself out of bed around 9:30, even though I probably could have lazed around for a lot longer.
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