April 15th, 2009

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My computer is having low disc issues. I finally set up my new 1TB external hard drive on Sunday, and have slowly been transferring all of my music and image files to just live on the external drive. Yesterday it said I had 10GB free again, then today it was back to just a couple hundred MB. WTF? I couldn't even crop an image in Photoshop tonight. Last night I did a Defrag and I've run the Disk Cleanup several times.

Do I need to upgrade my computer's internal memory too? It currently has an 80GB hard drive. Or is this not a hard drive issue? Is there some other trick I don't know about that will get it to run better?

This brings me to an announcement...

I won't be closing nominations/opening voting at the SunnyD Awards until Saturday, April 18th. So if there are any stories, authors, betas or websites you'd still like to nominate, now is your chance!

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If someone happens to think my recent Willow and Angel and/or Oz and Angel stories deserved a nomination, I'd give you a cookie for nominating it/them.

Finally, rather than spam you with lots of posts, I'm tacking on a meme. I was tagged by tigerstriped86 to do Collapse )