September 6th, 2008

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To Do

Fandom To Do List
  • SunnyD Awards
    * Close voting
    * Tally last-minute votes
    * Create award plaque template
    * Make awards
    * Re-do nomination form
    * Make new layout
    * Figure out dates for next round
  • Beta for angelskuuipo and cold_queen_5
  • Keep reading fics posted from over the past 3 weeks.
  • Check to see of Hairy Eyeball needs to be updated. I think it does, but I need to track down W/G fics posted since the last update. (Bad webmistress, I now.)

    Fandom Miscellany
  • Signed up for the Welcome to the Nancy Tribe: The Spike, Wes & Giles Ficathon because my muse needs a kick in the butt and ficathons generally serve to do so. I encourage you to sign up too.
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