June 7th, 2008

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Crossover Recs

I've read a couple of really good crossovers lately - one complete and one WIP. Both are excellent blendings of the two worlds.

Fic: Game Theory (Link to chapter 1. Each chapter links to the next one.)
Author: halcyon_shift
Fandoms: Highlander/Numb3rs
Rating: PG
Summary: Don, Charlie, Megan, David and Colby investigate a series of unusual murders in Seacouver. Because, seriously, what kind of serial killer has a sword and a Tesla coil the size of a house?
Status: Complete

Title: Bug on the Cosmic Windscreen (Link to tag listing)
Author: missmurchison
Fandoms: BtVS/Battlestar Galactica
Rating: PG
Summary: Spike landed in the BSG 'verse and made a bit of a splash, or at least a splat. He thinks he's there to help, and the bewildered Colonists don't know what to think. This went AU after Pegasus. I may have stolen an idea or two after that, but I've changed whatever happened to fit my plot. So far, none of my thefts have gone further than the end of Season 2. Also, just because someone has been revealed as a Cylon on the show doesn't mean that person is a Cylon in this story.
Status: WIP (14 chapters posted)
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