December 19th, 2007

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New Website Name: When Dragons Dream

Some of you may remember this post where I mentioned wanting to change the name of my website to make it more general now that I write in multiple fandoms. I picked a new name back then, but then dragged my feet making new banners for my site. The URL hasn't changed, just the name. I give you...

When Dragons Dream... Witches, Watchers and Vampires can fall in love; Cheerleaders can heal and Men can Fly.

Click on banners to check out the site

You'll find a new banner on the main page that now includes my Heroes characters. On the links page, you'll find both BtVS and Heroes "Link to Me" buttons. I made 468x60 and 200x60 sizes so far. I still need to make some 100x35 ones.

I also still need to make a new portal page image. For that page, I want something with a dragon on it, and maybe Willow and Claire.

For those of you who link to me, please update your buttons - if you're using a smaller size, it's fine to wait until I have new buttons.
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