January 31st, 2007

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WGA Help!

Does anyone remember what Jen did if there was only one nomination for a category? Did it automatically win or was the category cancelled?

The following categories have only one nomination:
Best Willow/Buffy Author
Best Willow/Faith Author
Best Willow/Oz Author
Best Willow/Faith Fic
Best Willow/Oz Fic
Best Willow/Other Female Fic
Best Comedy
Best Friendship
Best Vamp Willow Characterization

If this were the SunnyD Awards I'd just hold them over to the next round, but I obviously can't do that with an annual site. It's sad because I had some more nominations, but the nominators didn't read the rules carefully, so their nominations couldn't be used. I'm not going to let them get away with it now just because some categories are light.

I had closed nominations when I got home, but I just put the form back up in case anyone is able to nominate anything for these categories. Instead of getting the voting form done tonight I'll just do it tomorrow after work.