January 6th, 2007

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SunnyD Awards - Voting is Open

Voting is now open at the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards Round 10!

To make voting in some categories easier, I broke a some categories into smaller groups if there were eight or more stories for a particular pairing (Spuffy).

You can read the nominated stories here and then vote for them here.
Arrow: Felicity - I can do this

I ask you...

It's been pointed out to me that I'm being too noble by taking myself out of the running at the Willowy Goodness Awards, especially since I mainly write Willow. I've already had one person try, and another offer, to nominate me. So I ask you, am I being a martyr by not allowing my fics to be nominated? Especially since one can't nominate or vote for onesself at the site.

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