November 26th, 2006

Arrow: Felicity - I can do this

Is nominating really that hard?

So I'm working on the small group of nominations for SunnyD today and I had one person nominate a story but didn't include a link to the story directly or an email address for the author. Never mind the fact that the story is already nominated in the only category she selected.

Then I have someone who a) nominated an OC character for Best Characterization (as well as Best OC) and b) had already nominated the author for Best OC for a different story. Yes, the first story he nominated the author for was a co-authored story, but the rules still say that you can't nominate an author twice in any category. And if the character is an OC, we have nothing to base a Best Characterization decision on, as it's not an established character on BtVS.

Needless to say, nominations have been slow this round. Is that a relection on me not pimping it, other people not pimping it, or not a lot of new fic being written? All characters, pairings and ratings are accepted!