July 19th, 2006

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More things that make you go Grrrr

My power went off last night around 8:45pm and didn't come back on until some time well after midnight. It wasn't just me, my whole block was dark. Guess what I was doing when it went off. Burning a DVD? Yes. Watching my new Pretender DVDs? Yes. Enjoying my apartment finally cooling off because I don't leave it on during the day? Yes. About to fix a skirt I want to take to WriterCon? Yes.

Needless to say, I was not happy. I couldn't even start packing because there are some things that I need to try on and I couldn't even see myself well in the mirror. *sob*

This is what happens when you find everything you want on a last minute shopping trip. I ran to TJ Maxx after work, before Curves, because I wanted a new purse to take with me to WriterCon. I actually found one - a $40 Nine West purse for $15. I also found a nice pair of olive green pants to wear to work and a pair of workout pants that go just past the knee that I've been looking for for weeks. Since I went shopping, I got to Curves late, and got home late, and was only able to be on the computer for about an hour before the power went off for the night.

On top of the power outage, there was a thunderstorm in the middle of the night. Some of the thunderclaps were so loud that I thought there were 2 houses down from me. So my going to bed at 10:45 (because what else was I going to do in a dark, hot apartment?) was rather pointless.

I hope everyone else had a better evening. Lets hope the power cooperates tonight so that I can actually pack my suitcase. I had been debating squeezing in Curves tonight, since I'll be gone for five days, but now I need that extra time to take care of what I couldn't do last night.