May 28th, 2006

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Shopping & Movie

I went to my usual mall today, and man has it changed a lot. One of the parking structures is completely gone. Macy's moved to another part of the mall, some other stores moved locations, and there's lots of empty spaces where new things are going in.

Luckily Lane Bryant was where it was supposed to be, which is what I went to the mall for. (I need something to wear to my cousin's wedding next month.) Unfortunately, this season's line sucks. The materials aren't great, the styles are horrid and the pants are mostly capris. I saw one skirt that I could have worked with, but of course they only had one and it was 4 sizes too big. ::sigh:: I may hit another mall tomorrow to see if they have it. Or other plus size stores, since I didn't see the Elisabeth that is usally at my mall. (Wasn't it nice of Liz Claiborne to make her plus size store spelled my way?)

ETA: Thanks for the online catalogue links, but I need to physically try things on before buying them. I'm not built the way clothing makers want to make clothes for someone my size, so things often don't fit me right.

On the up side, as I was walking by f.y.e., I saw a table with boxed dvd sets for 2 for 1. I decided to go look, and they had seasons five and six of Highlander out. Normally they'd be $45 each, and I got them both for $45. Now I just need to get seasons 1-4. lol.

After not finding anything at Macy's, I went over to the movie theatre nearby and saw X-Men 3. Collapse )