January 6th, 2006

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Going out

My friend Amy just emailed me to invite me to go see Chronicles of Narnia tonight since a group of people are going and she knows how much I want to see it. (No, I still haven't seen it yet.) We're going to meet up at a Quiznos near the theatre for a quick bite first at 6:15, so I can go straight from work. Yay!

submissivecharm, I'll post either when I get home or tomorrow. I should be around most of the weekend. Sorry for the delay.

I need a relaxing night out. We have a Healthcare Symposium next week and the three account managers have to get 77 companies up before then. At least they only get 10 jobs each this time. I was able to post the print ads for the companies that have them and emailed the rest of mine. Or at least, the ones I have so far. My boss has only gotten up to the letter 'N' so far.