November 12th, 2005

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Big step

Apparently I can keep things to myself for all of four days. On Tuesday I joined Curves. There's one that's on my way home from work, only five minutes from home. I wasn't sure that it would be for me, but I set up an appointment and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. The machines really do give a good workout, even though you're only at each one for 30 seconds.

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I went back on Wednesday for my first real workout and despite being totally out of breath, was very glad that I'd gone. The women were very supportive when I mentioned that it was my first real workout and subtly showed me what to do if I looked confused by one of the machines. My schedule will hopefully be: Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday. I couln't go Thursday this week because we had a job fair in town and I knew I'd be too tired to go. Since this is Saturday, I'm actually heading over there momentarily. I didn't want to go on an empty stomach, but also had needed to let my oatmeal digest a bit first.
Arrow: Felicity - I can do this

Allow me to introduce... ripping_icons

You knew it was going to happen after my post last night. I usually don't mention something here until I've pretty much made up my mind about something.

All you icon makers, go check out (and join) ripping_icons!

This is an icontest community featuring Giles (and ASH in general). I'll get the first challenge up once we have five members.

Please, spread the word far and wide. I know a lot of you have icontest communities, if you'd like to be an affiliate, please let me know.