October 30th, 2005

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Power Outage

My power went out this afternoon. Actually, it went out twice. The first time was just for a second, the second time was for nearly two hours. I called the power company after it didn't come back up after 5 minutes the second time. The recording said they were having some trouble in some areas and were working on it, it should be back in 2-3 hours and to call back if it wasn't.

Fine, I went to the grocery store, which I really needed to do after being gone for two weeks. Power was still out when I got home, so I grabbed my book and read until it came back. Good thing it's a bright sunny day here.

So that's where I disappeared to rileysaplank and shannon730, which you probably figured given the first outage. Hopefully it'll stay on for the rest of the day now so that I can work on my sites. I've got some things to add to Hairy Eyeball and links to update at WDD.
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