October 3rd, 2005

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My Birthday update

Thank you to everyone who left me birthday wishes either on LJ or with an e-card. You have no idea how appreciated it is. *big smooches*

My birthday turned out better than I feared it would be. I heard back from a few clients for the job fair and just posted the newspaper ad for the ones I didn't. My co-workers all signed a card for me and bought me a cake, which wasn't served, so they sent the whole thing whole with me. It's a Boston Creme cake. Yummy.

My mommy called me on her way into work this morning. She usually calls me first thing in the morning and my dad calls me at night. I'm still waiting to hear from him. They're both a little wigged that I'm 28. I'm fine with it, but it's freaking them out for some reason.

The birthday present I bought myself came today too. I'd ordered Season Seven of Buffy from my co-worker last week and he brought it in today. I'd been putting off buying it because it was the last one I needed. I now own all seven seasons of BtVS, all five of Angel, and Firefly. No more Joss to buy *sniffle* - at least until Serenity comes out on DVD.

Sometime either during this week or weekend I need to get to a camera store and buy my new digital camera. Actually, first I need to read the articles my dad sent me from Consumer Reports and deposit the check from him. Then I can go buy that present. He's being nice and letting me pick out the one I want. I can also chip in my own money to get a nicer one than he's willing to pay for. (My dead camera my mom bought for me. She admitted that she bought one of the less expensive models, on sale. I haven't told her yet it died. She'll find out soon enough when I show up in London with a new camera.) Any suggestions? Anything to stay away from?

Now I'm off to read the Willow/Giles/Spike story that dark_lycoris wrote for my birthday. If you get a chance, go check it out.