September 5th, 2005

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Productive afternoon

Wow. I just finished a ficathon story that isn't due until the beginning of October. Heck, sign-ups don't even close until the end of this week. This would be the Watchers' Firsts Fic-a-thon that I briefly mentioned before.

I've been thinking about the story all weekend, trying to work out the plot. After my impromptu nap this afternoon - I sat down on my couch to read a book and dozed for over half an hour instead - I decided to try to type something up. Two hours later, I have an eight page story. I guess I had it more thought out than I thought. I may decide to add some more to it later, but I've got a good rough draft.

velvetwhip & emeraldswan - interested in beta'ing a Giles/Willow fic?
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