August 21st, 2005

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checking in

Just popping up to say Hi. I made it in half an hour late yesterday, but that was fine. My mom and I grabbed a light lunch while we waited for my grandpa's plane to come in. He got in a little early. Then we headed back to my mom's. We got the full tour of all of the additions my step-dad has made since we were here last. His current project is rebuilding the garage. He basically built the new, larger, structure around the existing garage is as taking the old one apart as he goes. He's been putting the roof on the new building lately. And he does all of the work himself. We also saw the pond he landscaped by the river, very nice. (Someday I should post pictures of this house. My step-dad is constantly rebuilding and remodeling it.)

My good friend Lisa came from Madison with her sister and daughter. Lisa's a friend I met through my mom (10 years younger than my mom, 25 years older than me, but one of my best friends). She was running late, so we only got to catch up for roughly an hour before we had to go. It was wonderful seeing her and Grace (her daughter who is now 15), even if only for an hour. We went to see the Jewish Home my step-dad designed before dinner. When I was here in November I saw it, but it wasn't finished yet. Now it's complete and people are living in it. It looks amazing. We had dinner at a nearby restaurant where I had a very nice Veal Picata. Oh, since there were six of us, my brother got to drive us around in my mom's BMV Z4 with the top down.

This morning my mom, brother and grandpa are off playing tennis (doubles) with one of my mom's friends. My step-dad just left to go pick up his daughter in Madison. So I'm here with my step-grandma, who's reading the paper. I'll go shower in a minute and then go take my book outside and read by the river.

I hope everyone's Sunday is going well. I don't know if I'll be back online today, but I should be a little bit tomorrow when I'm hanging out at my dad's. (His house is set up for wireless, so I can have my laptop out while we watch Phantom of the Opera on his huge widescreen TV w/surround sound.)
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