August 10th, 2005

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*I* found this funny and mildly insulting

I received an email this morning with the subject line simply saying, "Fanfiction" from a person I don't know. I risked it being spam and opened it anyway.

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Now, I've been asked before to have my stories hosted on someone else's site. And I understand the need for a form letter to keep you sane when creating a site. I use one myself for Hairy Eyeball. However, when I contact someone I, a) name at least one of their fics I'd like to host, b) try to address them by name (sometimes I forget in my haste, but their work is still named).

Wouldn't you assume that by contacting an author, that the webmistress would already know their pen name and website? Okay, maybe not your website depending on where they got your email address from, but if you've got my email address, you must know the name I post under.

I haven't responded yet. Usually I say 'yes' when anyone asks to host my fic. But if this person can't even bother to personalize the email, I don't know if I want to bother. I may say, "Ask me again after the site's up and running."