August 5th, 2005

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Bouncy now

My night just picked up. Winners were just posted at the Bodice Ripper Awards and I won a few.

Best Site Featuring an ASHBLF Runner Up: Hairy Eyeball
Best New Site Winner (tie): Hairy Eyeball
Best Layout Readers' Choice: Layout for Hairy Eyeball Entrance Graphic and Banner

Best Series Readers' Choice: Corresponding Desires Series (Giles/Willow/Spike)
Best Slash Pairing Fic Readers' Choice: While the Children are Away (Giles/Spike)
Judges Choice: Corresponding Desires Series (Giles/Willow/Spike)

Congrats to wickedfox on all her wins, both writing and graphic.
Thanks to mrsdrake for running such a great awards site dedicated to Giles.
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