July 8th, 2005

Arrow: Felicity - I can do this


Does anyone know if shannon730 has left for her vacation? She didn't tell me what to do with btvs_hush this week, and she never set up the voting poll or let me know if I should have posted new caps. (Or tell me when she'd be back if she has in fact left - I didn't see vacation dates on her LJ.)

I emailed her on Wednesday, but didn't hear back. So has anyone heard from her this week?

ETA: Thanks for the confirmation. I went ahead and posted the poll at btvs_hush. You can go vote now. (One's mine.)
Arrow: Felicity - I can do this

Tell Me meme

Gacked from most of my flist, most recently from rileysaplank, velvetwhip and cornerofmadness

Here's a thought: why not take this opportunity to tell me a little something about yourself. Any old thing at all. Just so the next time I see your name I can say: "Ah, there's so and so...she wears mismatched socks." I'd love it if every single person who friended me would do this. Yes, even you people who I know really well. Then post this in your own journal.

Some of you know this, but I'm using it anyway. After college, I studied dreams for nearly four years, as a hobby. I went to four conferences for the Association for the Study of dreams during that time.

Now your turn.
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