April 5th, 2005

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Surprise award

Okay, I belong to this group on MSN that I was invited to, Into the Dark: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fan Fiction. (Anyone noticing a trend here with me? I'm usually so flattered to be asked to joined, when it's based on something I've written, that I'll do it.)

Anyway, this group confuses the heck out of me. It's set up like a message board, I guess. (I don't ever post to message boards, but I think it's a similar format.) I posted the story that got me invited to the group, Obligatory Consent and kinda forgot about it. Once, shortly after I joined, I tried to post some other stories, but it kept saying it exceeded the number of characters allowed, or some such rot, even though it was well within means. Since each autor has their own area/section, I wasn't sure if I could just send stories to the group email, so I haven't been.

So the Award. Yeah, well, apparently the mods for the group/site/whatever nominate/pick winners from the stories submitted to the group. It looks like there's some categories you can nominate group members for too. Long story short: Obligatory Consent won the Into the Dark Award for Writer's Excellence. Go me! Collapse )

Speaking of awards, I'm off to tally some more of mine. 74 down, 47 to go! Then I can get to work on the award plaques. *whimper*
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