February 4th, 2005

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Housing Frustrations

I know, I've been quiet on the roommate front lately. Well, that's because I no longer need to find roommates - I need to move.

My landlords told me several weeks ago that they were thinking of turning the 2 family house I live in into condos. They can't afford to keep the place anymore. They showed it a couple a few weeks ago to see if there was interest. The couple they showed it wants it. They're not kicking me out, yet. It'll take a few months to complete the conversion process. They said that they'd let me stay here, alone, for $500 a month while I look for something else. Today they told me they're closing on April 1st.

So now I get to start thinking about moving. I thought about maybe finding a smaller condo to buy, but I'm not ready to be a homeowner. Too much pressure. And not enough time for me to learn all that I'd need to know about homeownership.

So now I'm looking for a large studio or a 1 bedroom apartment to rent. It'll have to include heat, hot water and parking at the very least. And hopefully it'll accept pets because I'd like to get a cat once I'm settled. Living alone will be very expensive, but I'll find a way to make it work.

This also means that I'll be offline more than usual while looking at places. I'm probably going to have to look farther away from Boston proper than I've been living in order to be to afford it. Sigh. I hate moving!