January 17th, 2005

Arrow: Felicity - I can do this


This morning I woke up, feeling nice and comfy in my bed, snuggled warm under the covers. I thought, "This is nice. I could stay like this all day. How long before my alarm goes off? Wait, shouldn't it have gone off by now, it's pretty light out." I rolled over to discover that it was 7:59am - I usually leave for work at 8am. Yep, I forgot to set my alarm last night. I pretty much had a running mantra of "Oh crap, oh shit, oh fuck" while I took the fastest shower of my life, not bothering to wash my hair and scrambled to get dressed and presentable. I went from bed to car in 18 minutes.

A word of advice, if you're going to oversleep, do it on a holiday (for my non-American friends, today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day). There was very little traffic and I managed to get in only 5 minutes later than normal, which is good since I usually get in 20 minutes early.

Now on to the piles and piles of typing I have waiting for me today. Why did I rush to get in here?
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Arrow: Felicity - I can do this


I knew this yesterday, but wasn't in the mood to post. I'm up for slew of categories at the Shades of Grey Awards this round. Thank you Lisa Kelley (who won't see this) and cafedemonde for all the nominations.

Willow's DragonyDreams - Best Character/Shipper Site
Turning of the Tides - Best Drama, Het
Whispers on a Breeze - Best Drama, PwP, Willow/Angel(us) Fic
Corresponding Desires Series - Best Series
Outstanding Author

It's kinda weird running against pretty much all of my friends in the Willow/Angel(us) category, but it's kinda cool too.

ETA: velvetwhip just nominated two more stories!
Blood Track Mind - Best PWP
Teacher's Pet - Best Series
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