January 15th, 2005

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A belated birthday wish, An Announcement, And a question

First... Happy Belated Birthday mrsdrake! By the time I realized it was your birthday, LJ went down. I hope it was a good one.

Second... Winners are up on at the SunnyD Awards, but apparently Geocities is being evil and not letting people into the site (bandwidth exceeded) - and I only told the winners they were up! Sigh. This is why I was going to wait until tomorrow to tell the winners the site was updated. Should have stuck with my first instinct.

At least I can say congratulations to my friends now (in no particular order): cafedemonde, claudia6913, cornerofmadness, kaz814, KallieRose, Lisa Kelley, velvetwhip. Congrats!

Thirdly... As you all know, weather has been insane around the world. Huricanes in Florida, the Tsunami in Asia, snow in Hawaii, etc. What I want to know is this: Who has the evil world domination weather machine? Doesn't it feel like that's what's happening?