January 9th, 2005

Arrow: Felicity - I can do this


So I'm feeling all anti-social today. Don't take it personally if I've been short in emails or hiding on YIM. I just don't really feel like talking. It happens.

I say this as a preface to saying that I won't be online tomorrow (Monday) night at all, not even in hiding. I'll be staying at a hotel for a work thing. On Tuesday we're co-hosting a healthcare Symposium and I have to start working when registration opens around 6am. (I normally start work at 9am.) The good news is that I'll be relieved around Noon and get to go home. The hotel is roughly an hour north of where I live, hence the overnight stay for the sales staff and me. They'll be paying for it too.

I met another good potential roommate tonight. We got along very well, she likes the apartment, her only hesitation is that she'd like to be a little closer to the subway. Where I live she'd have to take a 20 minute bus ride to get there. I'll email her on Tuesday to see what her thoughts are. I'm really hoping she decides that the bus isn't a big deal since it picks up on the corner and runs regularly.

Okay, I'm going back into hiding (i.e. making awards).