January 6th, 2005

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Cable's All Mine

The switching over of the cable/internet was a painless process this morning. The guy who came out (at 10am of my 8-11 appointment window) was there to both turn off the old service and turn on my new service. He also just transferred the cable box and modem from my former roommate's account to mine, so she won't have to return them. He even came back in after flipping the switch, activating my service, to make sure it was really working. Oh, and he set up my email that I get with the service. I think this brings me up to six email accounts. I'll hardly ever use it, but it's there for if I need it.

So I had a nice, lazy morning - waiting aside. I used it well, burning a copy of Mad Brilliant by Ghost of the Robot. Thanks again falling_rain_ for hooking me up with the link. It's my new car CD.
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