December 26th, 2004

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Fic: Addendum 1/1 (W/S/G) NC-17

Title: Addendum (third story in series now being called Corresponding Desires)
Author: Elisabeth
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Willow/Spike/Giles
Summary: Sequel to 'Post-Script'. Willow's in a playful mood, therefore her men must be too. Warning: Bloodplay
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership over these characters. I am merely borrowing them from Joss et al.
Distribution: swan_a_thon, my site, the usual lists, anyone with previous permission. Anyone else - just ask.
Feedback: Yes please! It makes me happy and keeps me writing.
Author's Note: Thanks to Lisa Kelley, Kat and Gabrielle for the beta.
Author's Note 2: Written for the swan_a_thon - here's to you Emmy!

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