November 2nd, 2004

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If you haven't, and you're American, go Vote!

I just got back from my long lunch, where I did my duty and voted (Democratic all the way). I figured that a lot of people would try to go either early, take a late lunch, or go after work; so I took an early lunch and had no line for my ward when I got there. Since this was my first time voting in this state (yes, I know I should be voting in local elections every year, but I haven't been) I had to fill out an extra form since I registered to vote when I got my Mass. license over two years ago and registered to vote at that time. Actually, I had to go vote for my old address in Boston because the Registry of Motor Vehicles didn't transfer my voter registration like they were supposed to. Good thing I checked before going, but it was too late to still register in Watertown.

I know you've seen it a dozen times this morning, but I'll say it again. GO VOTE - preferably against Bush.


P.S. It would make a great birthday present for my dad. His 60th birthday's tomorrow and he really wants Kerry for President as his present.
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