August 3rd, 2004

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I Give!

I have finally succumbed to the peer pressure and gotten myself a Live Journal. I can't promise that I'll use it very often, but here it is. If you have any tips, suggestions, etc. please let me know.
Arrow: Felicity - I can do this

WriterCon 2004: Las Vegas

I had such a great time at WriterCon, more so because of the people than the panels/workshops. It would have been nice if they'd had more workshops, scheduled at better times. Also, the Imperial Palace was not laid out very well to hold a convention.

The only real "workshop" I attended was an Erotica one: BDSM and Kinks. They started the workshop part kinda late after the panel, so we had to leave for the Willow party when Margot gave out the assignment. But she said we could email it to her, which I'm going to do, hopefully tomorrow.

The rest of what I attended were panels: 3-6 people sitting up front discussing whatever the topic was.

On Friday we basically played hookey and only went to the opening ceremony and welcoming shindig. When I say "we" I am referring to Lisa Kelley (whose room became the Willow Hospitality Suite where we spent most of our time hanging out), Kat/KallieRose, Gabrielle, Laura/Elen and myself. (Towards the end of the weekend Reatha joined our little clique.)

On Saturday I attended the following panels: Where Do We Go From Here? Plotting vs Narrative Flow; I Think This Line's Mostly Filler: Dialog. Jane Espenson gave a wonderful Q & A. She is a wonderful speaker in person. It was funny to hear her say what a wonderful thing fanfiction is and she wishes she could write it. The erotica panel I attended in the evening was titled: Linoleum Makes Us Think About Sex, then I went to the BDSM workshop immediately following it. I had to leave it a little early in order to go to a Willow party where I tied for first place in the pop quiz on Willow. Then I lost in the Jeopardy-like trivia, coming in last.

On Sunday I didn't sign up for a morning workshop. Instead, Lisa Kelley and I went to pick up our tickets to see George Carlin later that night, and Gabrielle came along with us. At lunch they showed fan vids and there was a great Spike/Angel one: Closer by Nine Inch Nails. You can find it at, it's near the bottom of the page: ("Whatever" was hilarious too). In the afternoon I went to the Don't Taunt the Fear Demon: Overcoming Writer's Block and The Transitive Vampire: How to Prevent the Most Common Grammar Glitches panels. Then there was just the WriterCon Wrap-up.

I'd have to say the best thing about going to WriterCon was meeting and being around so many fanfic writers. It was wonderful to spend several days with people who had the same hobby and passion, even if we were different 'shippers (there seemed to be a lot of Spuffy and slash writers there). Despite the fact that we were all meeting each other face-to-face for the first time, it felt like we'd known each other forever, even the people I'd never emailed with before.