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Getting around to praise

Now that I'm home I can tell you how wonderful you are, and not just for being patient.

Why claudia6913 Rocks:
~ She never tells me to stop pestering her with annoying questions.
~ She has walked me through icon/graphic/website design countless times and never makes me feel stupid.
~ We can talk about anything, and usually do.
~ She's an amazing fanfic writer, one of the few people who's dark fic I'll read.
~ She makes beautiful icons and banners. She never ceases to amaze me with her grapics talent.

Why velvetwhip Rocks:
~ Beta Extraordinaire!
~ Gabrielle is the world's best feedbacker and often makes me blush with her praise.
~ She got me hooked on W/A fics, both reading and writing, and I love her for it.
~ She is as nice in person as she is online.
~ She's not afraid to face her fears and turn out story after story for us to enjoy.

Why cafedemonde Rocks:
~ She is one of the friendliest people I've ever met.
~ She writes some kick ass Spillow.
~ She is so much fun to play opposite at EoD.
~ She never fails to make me smile when we're chatting.
~ She is constantly writing, either one of her fics or for the RPG, which I am truly envious of.
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