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Got sprung from work early today. Yay! At 4:30 my boss came over to say that if we were done with everything we could go. I had one thing to finish up and was out the door. I debated going to Curves since my location is closed Sat & Mon, but decided to be lazy.

Winners were announced today at forbiddenawards, and I am excited to say that two of the three stories nominated placed.

Inked Retribution (Giles, Angelus) was Runner Up for the Delectation Award (Best Gen).
Fantastic short dark!Giles fic. I must admit to giggling with wicked glee as I read along, because the dialogue was so well written. It was Giles to me, I bought his character completely, and I could believe that this scenario was totally possible given what we know of his history and personality. This writer knows the characters well, for she also wrote Angelus in such a way that had me rushing to the next line for more banter and reactions. This is a short, dark, witty, and thoroughly entertaining piece.

Don't Warn the Tadpoles (Willow/Giles) was a Winner for the Velvet Award (Best Happy/Fluffy Fic).
What happens when Willow and Giles get naughty? This fic! An ingenious setup, a considerable measure of hotness, and a surprising revolution all conspire to make a cute, frothy fic which explores a little kink between our favorite intellectuals. Good stuff!

Congrats to all of the other winners on my flist. I'd name you all, but I don't want to forget anyone.
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