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Plot Bunny looking for good home

'Shells' was on while I was getting dressed this morning and a plot bunny for a Gunn/Willow scene/story came to mind. In particular, I'm thinking of when Gunn was in the infirmary, after Wesley stabbed him for having signed the document that allowed Illyria's sarcophagus through Customs.

The bunny: Willow comes to W&H to talk to Gunn about how to deal with the guilt. (I don't know how she found out. You can figure that out.) She could talk about bringing Buffy back, her magick abuse after Tara left her, or trying to end the world, for example. But it would be an interesting bonding moment for them. Very angsty.

I can see Willow comparing her getting deeper involved in magicks because she wanted to be helpful, be of more use in fighting demons, with Gunn insisting on his upgrade being fixed because he couldn't go back to just being the muscle – he liked having a purpose in the group.
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