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Gah! Hot!

When I got home tonight my air conditioner, which I'd left on low because of the excessive heat warnings for today, was off. My apartment was a sauna. (The clock/thermometer in the bathroom read 87 degrees.) My clocks were working, so all the power wasn't off. After testing light switches around the apartment, and the lamp plugged into the same outlet as the AC, I realized that it was just that outlet. Of course, the is the first fuse that I've blown, so I didn't have any replacements. Since my landlord lives downstairs, I ran down there and asked if he had any. Luckily he did, and he came up to help me figure out which of the 6 fuses it was. It was the one he thought it was, and the new one did the trick. So now I'm waiting for the apartment to cool off. I shouldn't complain. I know some of you on my flist don't have any air conditioning in this blistering heat.

This was a fitting end to the day. I had gone to CED about my glasses after work, and they basically told me to go to the other location and start from scratch there. Well, not from scratch, since I do have the prescription, but with the lenses at least. I did ask if I could still get fitted for contact lenses since I had missed the 1 month grace period waiting for my glasses lenses. But after speaking with the doctor, the guy said that my insurance doesn't even cover the kind of contacts that I'd need for the trial pair, so I should make an appointment for a regular contact exam. Yeah, right. If I could afford a contact exam (plus the contacts), I wouldn't be trying to get you to do it for free.
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