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More WriterCon stuff

I should give a shout out to some of the other wonderful people that I met at writercon before I forget. I was just a little on the tired side when I did my post last night.

I know that I'm probably going to forget people, but I really enjoyed talking with beadific, cheesygirl, lostakasha, chrisleeoctaves, ponders_life, liz_marcs, wesleysgirl, byrne, ladycat777, a2zmom, viciouswishes, nikitangel (who is getting her doctorate at my alma mater), luvsphoenix, gwynnega, athenewolfe, desdemonaspace, sunnyd_lite, nwhepcat, autobadgirl, and so many more that I know I'm forgetting.

I just wanted to say I loved meeting y'all, even if I was a silent observer in a group setting, I was having fun.
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