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Home from WriterCon

I'm back! WriterCon was as fantastic as expected. There were things that I liked better about it from the last one, and things that I liked the last one better for.

Better in 2006: The Holiday Inn Select in Atlanta was so much nicer than the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas - excellent layout and nice rooms, although the shower was a little dark and the rooms were freezing. The panels were on a wide range of topics and helped me quite a bit.

Better in 2004: More friends. Only one person on my flist attended this WriterCon, and while it was great being able to spend time with beadific in Atlanta, it wasn't the same as the instant bond that kallie_kat, velvetwhip, elenorlaura and Lisa Kelley and I formed last time. But I still met a lot of fun and interesting people who I hope to get to know better.

As you know, I flew down on Thursday. It turned out that liz_marcs and ponders_life live within two miles of me, so liz_marcs gave me a ride into the airport. wesleysgirl was on the same flight as us too. I had tried to meet up with someone to go to the Botanical Gardens that night, but through bad planning and lack of cell number exchanges before I left - plus the shuttle for the hotel not showing up for 45 minutes so I was late getting there - we ended up not hooking up. I ended up just going out for dinner with a group of people.

The Con officially kicked off on Friday. After the Opening Ceremonies, I attended panels on A Demon-Hunting, Helpless-Helping, Dysfunctional Family: Natural and Chosen Families and Go With the Narrative Flow: Pace, Rhythm, and Flow. After lunch, I went to Who Are You People? Characterization and Authorial Support: Recs, Constructive Criticism, Feedback, Archive! After dinner, we arrived back a little late for the Erotica Panel, but still went in. Then I went to the Erotica Breakout: How to Write a Lousy Sex Scene.

On Saturday I went to Separated at Birth: Collaborative Writing; Putting Words in Other People's Mouths: Dialog; (lunch) Gateway to Lost Souls: The Ins and Outs of Fandom and Cold Dead What? A Lecture on Vampire Physiology. That night was the cocktail party, which was so much fun. I had a couple of glasses of wine and did a whole lot of dancing. My hips are still complaining.

We were all dead tired on Sunday, so panels were a little quieter. I went to: Beginnings, Middles and Ends: The Challenge of Longer Forms; Rabbit Stew: How to Turn Your Plot Bunnies Into Something Tasty; (lunch) What's the Worst that Could Happen? Plot; and The Problem of Evil: Why we Love the Bad Guys/Girls. After the Closing Ceremonies (and dinner) I spent the evening hanging out in the Con's Hospitality Suite.

It was weird that I was known more for running the SunnyD Awards (which are now open for nominations, BTW) than for my writing. Only 3-4 people recognized my name for having read my work, but quite a few did the whole "Oh yeah" thing when I said I ran the SunnyD Awards. I got quite a few "Thanks" for running the site, which was so wonderful to hear.

Now I'm going to go and try to get caught up on my flist. It'll probably still take me most of the week to get caught up with any new stories that have been posted though.
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