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Very good day so far

This has been an awesome day so far, aside from not sleeping as much as I would have liked. I got up early and after my usual slow start, got to Curves before 10am. I still ended up standing around chatting for half an hour after I finished.

I had an appointment at noon with the eye doctor today because my eyes have been feeling strained lately. I figured all that time I spend staring at a computer was making them worse again. Turns out that my left eye has been getting better, which is what's causing the problems with my glasses. I like the frames I have, so I'm just ordering new lenses. Unfortunately, the Cambridge Eye Doctors that I go to is the only one in the area that doesn't have a lab on-site. So they faxed my prescripton to one of the other locations so that when the lenses come in I can wait while they cut them to fit my frames. The optomitrist also confirmed that yes, I do have dry eyes and gave me drops that I should use. She said that they've come out with better contacts since the last time I tried them (a year and a half ago) and if I schedule to come back within a month it'll be counted as part of this visit. I think I'll call next week and at least try them. I miss my peripheral vision. I stopped wearing contacts because I was putting drops in every five minutes and that just got annoying.

From the eye doctor I went to go do laundry and it was pretty empty, so I got all the machines I needed. While the clothes were washing, I ran next door to Dunkin' Donuts and got an egg & cheese bagel sandwich and an iced vanilla coffee. Yum!

Then I get home to discover that I've won some awards. Don't Warn the Tadpoles was Runner Up for Best Giles at the Best of... Awards and The Set-Up was Runner Up for The Bliss Awawrd at The Forbidden Awards! The comments from the judges at The Forbidden Awards nearly made me cry. I guess now I really do need to get back to writing that story.

The Setup by Elisabeth
offers a tentative relationship between Willow Rosenberg and Lindsey Macdonald which suggests that, had they actually met, their lives and the lives of those they affect, might have been changed for the better. Lindsey is presented as a multi-dimensional character and not the one-note villain or overwrought anti-hero he is often constructed as in fic. Elisabeth's Lindsey is contemplative, shrewd, and surprisingly loving. He is the perfect foil for Willow: he has the darkness hinted at in Xander, without the implied immaturity; he is intelligent and insightful. Her Willow echoes the character we all first fell in love with, before her thirst for power consumed her. She is patient, gentle, optimistic, and fierce. The chemistry is natural, and the story's simple style infiltrates the reader's mind, making them wonder "Why not?"

Congrats to all the winners at both sites (and at Love's Bitch Awards, where I didn't win anything)! I don't want to risk forgetting anyone, so you get a collective Congratulations.

Now I'm off to start tallying SunnyD votes. There's one week left until voting closes and there's over 130 votes so far. Hopefully there will be some clear winners so that I can get a head start on making award plaques.

I hope everyone else is having a good weekend!
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